Ancillary Products

BEARINGS – Large stocks of Standard Bearings, Tapered Rollers & GE Swivel Bearings

SEALS – Huge stock of Double and Single Acting Ram Seals, Final Drive Seals, Lip/Oil Seals

SAFETY – Reversing Cameras, Convex Mirrors, Beacons, Motion Alarm Kits etc.

TOPTUL TOOLS – Spanners, Sockets, Wrenches, Hammers, Vise-Grips, Hacksaws, Files, Hex Keys etc.

ELECTRICAL – Batteries, Bulbs, Jump Leads, Fuses, Connectors, Switches, Relays, Cable etc.

FLUID TRANSFER – Diesel Nozzles, Drop Kits, Tank Filters, PIUSI Pumps & Flow Meters, Jugs, Gear oil dispensers etc.

LIFTING EQUIPTMENT – Chains, Shackles, Web Slings, Ratchet Straps, Lifting Hooks etc.

LED LIGHTING – Stockists of full range of 247 LED Worklights, Tail Lamps & Warning Lights etc.

WELDING – HILCO Welding Rods, Cutting Discs, Flap Discs, Welding Gauntlets, Anti-Spatter, Gloves etc.